Passionate Africa Leadership Institute - Center For Leadership And People Development

Center For Transformational Leadership

The Center For Transformational Leadership Is a policy think tank wing of the Passionate Africa Leadership Institute – PALI. The Center has a strategic mission to monitor and track the application of the rule of law, natural capital governance, and advocacy for open government, accountability and transparency. The Centre seeks to achieve this outcome through surveys, social-audits, institutional engagement, public opinion, research and development.

Key partner: Duperon Corporation / Educational - USA


  • Delivering Continuous Professionals Development (C. P. D) Accredited Programs for Middle Level and Early Career Professionals in Education and Health

  • Boot camps on Talents Development, Creative Business/Social Enterprise Solutions

  • PALI Duperon Dream Schools (New Year & Summer Editions

  • Meet the Lead

    Mrs Alice Boateng Anom

    Mrs Alice Boateng Anom
    (Senior Vice President) Center for Leadership And People Development