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Passionate Global Exchange

Welcome to Passionate Global Exchange.

The above Initiative is driven by dint of our impetus for diversity and cultural diplomacy. The Passionate Global Exchange provides an opportunity for persons who would want to visit either Ghana or Botswana for Studies, community service or volunteering to be able to do so with ease and to also smoothly facilitate study Opportunities abroad for interested persons or groups in Ghana and Botswana respectively.

The institute seeks to create a platform of regular Interaction, sharing, learning from culture other than that of your origin. In the view of PALI, differences based on religion, race, color must be properly explored for our collective benefit, hence diversity as a catalyst to socio -cultural development.

What We Do!

  • We encourage tourism entrepreneurship through the diaspora youth - connect programme
  • We promote inter - cultural exchanges
  • We engage in scholarship facilitation
  • We undertake volunteer placement programme for Ghana and Botswana respectively.
  • We facilitate oversees internships and fellowship programmes for Africans

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